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Power Guaranteed

Data Center Infrastructure

Robust Data Center infrastructure is critical for functionality -  uptime defines success. Data loss and downtime aren’t an option. Secure your organization's resilience, data security, and success by investing in superior infrastructure and a strategic partnership with Miller Electric.

Beyond Backup

Data Center Solutions

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- Turn-Key Modular Construction

- Data Center Assessments

- Feasibility Studies

- Engineering

- BIM & Prefabrication

- Modular Construction

- Copper / Fiber Design & Install

-  Relocation Management

- Commissioning & Testing



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- Renewable Power Systems

- Hydrogen Fuel Cells

- Solar Photovoltaic Systems

- Arc Flash Studies

- Power Quality Analysis

- Circuit Loading Studies

- Coordination Studies

- Air Flow Studies

- Alternate Fuel Services

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- Building Management Systems

- Asset Tracking & Reporting

- Capacity Management

- Environmental Monitoring

- Dynamic PUE & DCiE Monitoring

- Energy & Facility Load Monitoring

- Branch Circuit Monitoring



- 24 Hour Support 

- Infrastructure Assessment &  Documentation

- Preventative & Predictive Service

- Method of Procedure  Development

- Vendor Management

- Infrared Imaging

- Disaster Recovery Services

- Breaker Maintenance & Testing

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- Surveillance Systems

- Access Control

- Security Monitoring

- Facial Recognition Systems

- Mass Notification


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Integrated Systems

- Distributed Antenna Systems

- In-Building Wireless Systems

- Structured Cabling

- Fire Detection

- Automatic License Plate Readers

- Audio / Visual Systems




Featured Content

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Integrated Solutions for Data Centers

Discover how our expertise as a leading commercial electrical contractor revolutionizes the data center industry. This video showcases our proficiency in providing comprehensive, integrated systems for data centers, leveraging years of experience in critical infrastructure. From design-build to power management and data cabling, see how our excellence in electrical solutions is seamlessly applied to integrated systems, delivering unparalleled benefits to our data center clients.


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Data Center Solutions

Explore the full scope of our Data Center solutions. From innovative Design-Build solutions to robust critical infrastructure management and energy optimization - we do it all.

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Critical Power

Data centers are secure repositories for invaluable data. Explore the critical role that backup power systems play in safeguarding the data our world relies on. 

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Miller & Data Centers

Discover our all-encompassing Data Center solutions in this video, featuring cutting-edge design-build approaches and advanced management for critical infrastructure and energy optimization.

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Why DCIM Is Essential for Your Facility

Discover how DCIM automates data management, optimizing efficiency without the need for manual intervention in data centers.

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Disaster Recovery Plans: An Industry Essential

Learn why a flexible and scalable disaster recovery plan is vital for data centers, ensuring the protection of data, technology, and staff investments

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Energy Monitoring Solutions for Data Centers

This article explores how energy monitoring solutions are crucial in data centers to manage power costs and enhance energy efficiency.

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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Uncover how DCIM software streamlines data center management, aiding in optimal server placement and enhancing power and cooling usage efficiency.

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Maximizing Data Center Efficiency

Learn the significance of energy audits in data centers to identify power usage patterns, facilitating efficient energy management and budgeting.

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Technology Upgrades at Financial Facility

Take a look at our team's technology refresh project for a major data center, showcasing advancements in critical facilities.

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